Предстоящи събития

Stategies in Emergency General Surgery 2016, The Royal College of Surgeons of England, 3-4 March, London.
ESSO Advanced Course on the Management of Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) after Cytoreductive Surgery 2016, Hamburg, 10-12 March.
Polish Society of Emergency Medicine 25th Winter Symposium of Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care 2016, Karpacz, 9-12 March.
27th Annual Winter Conference On Emergency Medicine 2016, Netherland, 16-19 March.
Trauma, Critical Care & Acute Care Surgery 2016, USA, 21-23.March.
Clinical Skills in Emergency Surgery 2016, London, 15-17 June.
Specialty Skills in Emergency Surgery and Trauma 2016, London, 20-21 June.
Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine 28th National Congress 2016 (SEMES 2016), Burgos, 8-10 June.
French Society Of Emegency Medicine 10th Congress 2016 (SFMU 2016), Paris, 1-3 June.
International Emergency and Catastrophe Management Conference & Exhibition 2016 (IECM 2016), Dubai, 21-23.March. 
European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery 17th Annual Conference 2016 (ESTES 2016), Vienna, 24-26 April.
World Society of Emergency Surgery Inaugural Surgical Abdominal Consensus Conference 2016 (WSES 2016), Dublin, 22-23 July.
Systematic Training in Acute Illness Recognition and Treatment for Surgery 2016 (START Surgery), London, 25 June.
European Society for Emergency Medicine, Vienna, 1-5 October 2016.